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Export Control/Facility Security

Protecting National Security

The Mission of JHU’s Export Control/Facility Security Office

JHU’s Export Control/Facility Security Office develops, implements (alone or collaboratively), monitors, and documents practices that promote compliance with one or more bodies of U.S. export-control/sanction program regulation and the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual.  The office’s core functions include (a) reviewing the expected subject matter, transactions, personnel, and countries associated with JHU’s educational, research and service activities; (b) determining whether licenses or other authorization will be needed to complete those activities; (c) facilitating the structuring and/or licensing of JHU activities so that they are authorized under one or more bodies of regulation and (d) promoting informed compliance and collaboration within the JHU community.

Not Sure if Export Controls or Facility Security Apply to You?

If your work will involve one or more of the following activities, you may need a license or some other type of authorization to complete all or some portion of it, and we would recommend that you carefully look over this page and our Resource Portal:

  • Entering into any kind of professional or business exchanges with, or on behalf of, countries or foreign citizens who have been singled out for special restrictions
  • Sending/receiving tangible items or technical information to/from foreign countries
  • Sharing technical know-how with foreign citizens in the United States (includes employees and students).
  • Traveling internationally
  • Working with tangible items or information with actual or possible connections to defense, space or intelligence applications.
  • Working with any information that has been described as “classified.”

What Questions Should You Ask Yourself when Determining Whether You Might Need Special Authorization to Perform Your Research?

Using Coeus records and other resources, the Export Control/Facility Security Office considers the subject matter, parties, and transactions associated with your work and then decides how likely it is that you will need a license or other authorization to complete some portion of your work.  An excellent example of how this decision-making process works can be found in Stanford University’s Export Control Decision Tree.

Export Control/Facility Security Resource Portal

This page is only a brief introduction to what our office does and why.  Please consider utilizing our resource page, which offers access to information to help you better understand what might be required of you before you can pursue your work involving foreign countries and their citizens.


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