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Export Control Fundamentals

Getting Started – Export Control Fundamentals and More

The resources provided below can be used to introduce the unfamiliar with the basics of U.S. export control and sanctions programs, or it can be used as a reference point from which to move beyond the fundamentals.

Audio/Visual Introduction to Export Controls

If you would like to view a presentation on export controls on your own schedule, visit our Introduction page.

Frequently Discussed Terms and Their Definitions

Is there a difference between a “foreign person” and a “foreign national?”  What about “technology” and “technical data?”  Visit our Definitions page to access definitions and discussion of terms frequently used when addressing export control issues.

Federal Agencies and Their Export Control Regulations

A number of different Federal agencies have been authorized to act individually, or in cooperation with other agencies, to restrict certain activities, information, and transactions that may intersect with our research and other professional work.  Such restrictions are authorized in the name of national security, both physical and economic.   Visit our Agencies page to find an introduction to some of the most noteworthy agencies and regulations that can restrict the way that we pursue our work at JHU.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

Visit our page dedicated to the penalties arising due to non-compliance.


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