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Agreement Intake

New JAWS Intake Form Live

In an effort to provide the best possible customer service, JHURA has upgraded the intake process to  incorporate the Intake Form within the JAWS system.

Once the department Requestor has completed and submitted the new Intake Form, JHURA has the capability of returning it to the department Requestor for editing. The Requestor will receive an email that states “JHURA Returned for edit” with details of what needs to be addressed; then the Requestor will resubmit the form to JHURA. Instructions for the new Intake Form will be located in the Help section of the JAWS landing page which will be available upon login.

Any questions can be sent to jhura@jhu.edu.

The new intake form is live as of  Tuesday, July 6th.

New JAWS Intake Process FAQs

  • I am having a JAWS system error.

    Clear your web browser cache and restart your computer. If you continue to have issues, email jhura@jhu.edu.

  • I am not sure which PI to select from the dropdown list.

    Every JHU faculty, staff, student, etc. has a unique JHED ID, so when in doubt compare the JHED ID of the person listed in the record.

  • I don’t know if my agreement is funded or unfunded.

    Refer to the JAWS Intake Guide, Appendix B, or feel free to reach out to your JHURA contact.

  • I don’t know my Institute Proposal Number (IPN) or how to find it.

    Refer to the ORIS Snapshot “How to Find Linked Records in Fibi“.

  • I have a Master Agreement and I don’t know if it’s considered funded or unfunded.

    Master Agreements are considered unfunded. These are still treated as unfunded agreements. For the question “Do you have an approved Coeus Institute Proposal number?” select No. You will be able to manually enter the Coeus IPN in the next screen.

  • I have a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA). Who should I contact?

    MTAs are handled by JHTV.

  • I have an unfunded agreement, but the sponsor doesn’t show up in the drop-down field.

    Choose SPONSOR PENDING and add a note with the Sponsor’s name. We will create a Sponsor in JAWS.

  • My attachments will not save or my record was rejected due to missing attachments that I thought I saved.

    Please make sure you are clicking the Upload button (located under the Select File box) each time you upload a file.


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