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Research Integrity at JHU

Ethical and Responsible Practices

As an institution committed to the creation of new knowledge through research, the University seeks to ensure integrity in the design, conduct and reporting of research results.  Federal regulations define “research misconduct” as fabrication, falsification or plagiarism in the design, conduct or reporting of research.  All members of the JHU community have an obligation to report in good faith suspected research misconduct.

The Johns Hopkins University Policy on research integrity applies to all divisions of the University, and may be accessed at the below link:

Information on federal agency policies on Research Misconduct:

Training in the Responsible Conduct of Research

Training in the responsible conduct of research is offered by the various schools in forms and formats that are targeted to the types of research that are conducted in those schools.  In many cases, training in the responsible conduct of research is part of graduate or undergraduate courses.  Additional resources may be found at the following sites:


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