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Award Management

When a Principal Investigator (PI) is notified of an award, JHURA facilitates award account creation by reviewing it and discussing any issues that may need to be negotiated with a sponsor.

In addition to reviewing the legal terms of an agreement, JHURA also reviews agreements for compliance with financial and regulatory policies and procedures. After the negotiation, acceptance and signatory process is complete, JHURA facilitates award account creation.

Click here to learn more about the Life Cycle of an Award and JHURA Roles and Responsibilities

Types of Awards and Agreements

Award documents often can be accepted as-is and accounts set up immediately.  However, some (especially contracts) may require negotiation by JHURA to ensure compliance with University policies and procedures.

Negotiation and Acceptance

All awards must conform to University policies and procedures, and are therefore accepted by JHURA on behalf of the PI.  When an award is accepted, JHURA workflows documentation needed for the award account to be created.

The University remains legally responsible for every award, although the PI assumes responsibility for the financial oversight and completion of the project work.

JAWS (JHURA Agreement Workflow System)

The JHURA Agreement Workflow System (JAWS) is the Johns Hopkins University Research Administration’s (JHURA’s) centralized, on-line database for tracking and managing all sponsored agreements, including negotiation, workflow and document storage.

Issues in Sponsored Agreements

Various issues arise during this process and some helpful resources are provided here.  JHURA is the only office authorized to conduct negotiations and always involves the PI in the process as needed.

Financial Matters

Learn more about standard agreement rates, types of accounts, and browse other JHU Financial Resources.

Closing Out an Award

There are various activities associated with closing out a sponsored project or award and activities can vary from sponsor to sponsor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Award Management.

Documents and Forms

Visit our Documents and Forms for Award Management page for more details.

  • Contracts Team

    JHURA Contracts group aims to review and negotiate agreement terms and conditions balancing timeliness with the need to remain consistent with the policies and objectives of the University. Each Contracts Associate has a portfolio of schools, centers and units and negotiates a variety of agreements falling within their portfolio. Each Associate works closely with departmental administrators, staff, and faculty, to ensure the agreement complies with the intent of those doing the research or work and University policies. Given the complexity, Associates often work closely with other University offices prior to finalizing the agreements. Contact your departmental JHURA representative with any questions or concerns.

    Marcy DeSantis, JD, MBA
    Associate Director, Contracts

    Christina Boffen, JD
    Assistant Director, Contracts

    Tiffany Lutskus, JD
    Assistant Director, Contracts

    Cynthia Polasko, JD
    Sr. Contracts Associate

    Jake Fishman, JD, MLPP
    Sr. Contracts Associate

    Kristy Williams, JD
    Contracts Associate

    Scott Black, JD, MS
    Contracts Associate

    Michelle Denton Llera, JD
    Contracts Associate

    Jonathon Berry, JD
    Contracts Associate

    Armani Bridges, JD
    Contracts Associate

    Jessica Barbour-Laubach
    Contracts Associate

    Amy Pickering, JD, MPH
    Contracts Associate


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