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Award Review & Negotiation

JHURA reviews all awards and agreements. In any agreement or award, the following elements are considered essential:

  • The award is to the correct corporate entity, namely, “The Johns Hopkins University on behalf of its [school or division]”
  • Clear definitions of scope of work, award period, and responsibilities are provided in the agreement itself or by reference to the proposal or protocol
  • Total costs or fees and budgets are correct, and rebudgeting restrictions are not excessive
  • Payment terms are fair to the cash flow of the University
  • Progress and financial reporting requirements are reasonable
  • Confidentiality and publication requirements do not violate University policy; patent, licensing and copyright provisions comply with The Johns Hopkins University Intellectual Property Guidelines
  • General provisions refer to and comply with University policy as well as with current laws and regulations
  • University approval is required prior to the use of its name, or any abbreviation thereof, or the name of the Principal Investigator(s), expressly or by implication, in any news, publicity release, advertisement or other public disclosure by the sponsor.

You can help by offering a sponsor JHU agreement templates when initially discussing opportunities, so be sure to communicate with JHURA to determine which agreement best fits your particular situation.

Agreements which require written acceptance may be signed only by the appropriate official, not by the PI. PIs may sign in acknowledgement of the terms of an agreement in addition to the authorized signature.

Acceptance of an award requires a number of steps:

  1. Coeus proposal development record (PD) is entered and approved, creating an institution proposal (IP) record and initiating award review process.
  2. JHURA receives award notification or draft agreement via completed intake form (received through JHURA_JAWS@jhu.edu).
  3. JHURA reviews the terms and conditions; for some Request for Proposals (RFPs), the process may begin during the proposal stage.
    • Sponsor-initiated pre-award negotiations require JHURA to verify budget details and confirm all rates quoted in the proposal.
  4. JHURA enters into formal negotiations with the sponsor, including reviewing and negotiating terms such as copyrights, patents, indemnification, default and termination clauses, deliverable schedule, invoicing, data rights, etc.
  5. After all parties agree on the terms of the contract, JHURA accepts the award.
  6. Once all terms are negotiated, and mutually acceptable, signatures are obtained from the sponsor and JHURA and then the account set up process is initiated.
  7. The award must be processed through the appropriate DBO when appropriate, and workflowed to SPSS via Oculus for account set up.


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