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Closing Out an Award


There are various activities associated with closing out a sponsored project or award and activities can vary from sponsor to sponsor. Since there are usually several reporting obligations to the sponsor multiple JHU offices are involved and responsible in the closeout process. When departments receive close out documentation from the sponsor they should forward this information to their JHURA contact immediately since often times there are strict deadlines for completion and submission to the sponsor.

Failure to adhere to the reporting requirements may result in:

  • Continuation awards to PI may be delayed or canceled
  • New or Continuation awards for other JHU faculty may be delayed or canceled
  • JHU may not receive payment for work completed
  • Award may be terminated early
  • JHU may be debarred from receiving Federal awards

Commons close out reports include:


When JHURA receives closeout documentation we begin to track the submission of all final reports because often times a signature from an Authorized Official in JHURA is required on documents confirming completion and submission of all reports to the sponsor.

Technical Reports

Technical reports are the responsibility of the PI.  Many of the Federal agencies (e.g. NSF, NIH) require or permit final technical reports to be submitted on line by the PI. Confirmation of receipt is sufficient documentation to send to JHURA for their records. When the sponsor does not provide for electronic reporting, a copy of the correspondence or submission sent to JHURA is acceptable.

Financial Reports

SPSS works with the department to prepare the final financial report and submits it to the sponsor, typically within 90 days of the close date.

Invention/Patent Reports

The PI is responsible for disclosing all inventions, discoveries and new technology to Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures (JHTV) throughout the life of the award. At the end of the project JHURA will email the JHVT for a list of all inventions to be reported. Once verification is received from JVTV, JHURA will prepare and submit the final patent report to the sponsor.

Property Reports

The JHU Property Office prepares Interim, Annual and Final Property Reports as required by the Grant or Contract and submits them to the Sponsor usually within ninety days of the project close date.

Other Reports

To be completed as may be required.


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