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Research Administration Training Program

Applications for the Research Administration Training Program for Existing Staff are open and are due no later than Monday, October 9th, 2023.
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In 2008 the Johns Hopkins University proudly announced its first cohort of the Research Administration Training Program. Using F&A that had been earned from America Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) awards, Johns Hopkins established a new training program to help bolster the administrative resources needed to manage sponsored funding at the University.

The Program consist of two categories:

  • New Staff Program for trainees new to the Research Administration field
  • Existing Staff Program for current Johns Hopkins University employees with two years of experience

Executive Committee and Mentors

View a complete list of the program’s Executive Committee members.

Contact Us

For more information, contact us at RATPack@jhu.edu or Fill out an Inquiry Form.

New Staff Program

The training program is a full-time, fifteen month program (with optional rotations up to 24 months) designed to allow qualified candidates to work in two to six month rotations through the various offices involved in Research Administration. This includes rotations through the three main areas of research administration: Academic Departments (working directly with PIs to create proposals), Divisional Research Administration (handling the approval and submission process of proposals) and Sponsored Projects Shared Services (handling central post-award activities).  A fourth rotation has been added to include the Office of Internal Audits.  Each trainee is assigned to one of the four major divisions within the University and rotates within departments in that school. There are also shadow days available, where the trainees visit their peers in the other divisions to observe the differences between schools and campuses.

Each trainee is assigned to a senior staff member experienced in Research Administration who mentors them and monitors their progress throughout the rotation cycles. During each rotation the trainee is assigned to a specific supervisor that works in that area. The supervisor, along with the mentor, must ensure that the learning experience of the trainee meets program and trainee expectations.

Research Administration Training Program Guide


It is expected that during the training program, each trainee will take the full complement of courses available at Johns Hopkins that involve research administration. This includes everything from OMB regulations to Human Subjects, Animal, and Conflict of Interest training. It is not the expectation that they will become experts in all of these fields, but rather that they will gain a fundamental working knowledge of all the components of Research Administration.

It is the University’s expectation that at the end of this experience the trainees will be highly qualified to apply for any number of vacancies that are typically available throughout the university.

Is the Program Successful?

To date, the program has a 90% completion rate and an 88% employee retention rate beyond one year of completing the program.  It is expected that the Research Administration Training Program will bring on a new cohort each summer.

In addition to high completion and employee retention rates, the Research Administration Training Program has been recognized nationally by CUPA for excellence in HR practices and has received recognition from HERC for the program’s cultural diversity.

Existing Staff Program

With the growing success of the Research Administration Training Program, a program for existing staff was created in 2012. This program enables those already employed at the Johns Hopkins University to broaden their knowledge within research administration. The program allows for continued job growth, better understanding of how the different areas of research administration function within JHU and also awards and additional year of service for the existing employees upon completion of the program.

Learn more about the Existing Staff Program


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