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Federal Demonstration Partnership Template Pilot Program

Learn how you can help select the new Data Management Sharing Plan template.


In February 2022, we announced the release of the new NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy, (DMSP) which was effective on January 25, 2023. This new policy requires submission of a Data Management and Sharing Plan as part of all proposals for research that will generate scientific data.

Johns Hopkins University is participating in the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) NIH DMSP Template Pilot, which is testing the effectiveness and usability of two DMSP templates developed in collaboration with representatives from FDP, including participating NIH Institutes and Centers (ICs). The ultimate goals of the pilot are to harmonize DMSP requirements across NIH ICs and programs and to mitigate the administrative burden for researchers associated with DMSP development and implementation.  Further information about the FDP DMSP Template pilot is available here FDP website.

As a reminder, JHURA/ORA and Welch Medical Library each have online resources to help you navigate the requirements of the new NIH Policy

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We hope you will add your voice to this important opportunity to shape the development of future NIH required formats!

Participating in the FDP Pilot Program

1. Select one of the pilot templates for use in preparing the DMSP attachment for your upcoming proposal.  (See below and view templates here)

2. Complete a brief Qualtrics survey about your experience using the template once your DMSP is complete.

About the Templates

  • Option 1 is a prescriptive template designed to limit the need for free text entry
  • Option 2 provides detailed prompts as well as more options to include free text responses as necessary

Both templates have been specifically designed to increase the likelihood that your DMSP will provide all the information the IC/program requires in order to approve the DMSP rather than needing to request changes at the Just-In-Time (JIT phase).

Download the Templates

Pilot Template Version 1 (Option 1) is an Adobe document, are must be opened in Adobe.

  1. Click the link above. A folder with a .zip ending will begin to download
  2. Go to your downloads folders and click the .zip folder
  3. Double-click the Pilot Template Version 1 .pdf file
  4. The file should now open in Adobe

Pilot Template Version 2 (Option 2) is a Word document and should be opened in Microsoft Word.

What will be done with our feedback?

The feedback received will enable NIH to adopt a single format at the conclusion of the pilot (as opposed to multiple formats for each IC) which will lessen the future administrative burden.

Why is it important to have one format?

The adoption of a single format will allow us to most effectively use the DMP Tool. FDP anticipates having both templates available for use with the DMPTool by June.


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