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In this section you will find information and resources that can help guide you in the development, review, and submission of a proposal. Learn more about the proposal development and submission life cycle:

Creating a Proposal

Budget Development

Current and Pending, or Other Support

Review agency requirements for reporting Current and Pending, or Other support.

Proposal Review and Submission

For more details, definitions, and responsibilities involved in the proposal process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Proposal Development.

Documents and Forms

In addition to sponsor guidelines and policies, the University and the various departments, schools, and centers may have additional requirements that need to be included in the proposal development and submission process before arriving to JHURA for final approval. Visit our Documents and Forms for Proposal Development page for more details.

  • Grants Team

    The Grants team provides the final review and submission of all grant proposals from the schools and centers for which JHURA has responsibility. Each grants team member works closely with departmental administrators, staff, and faculty, providing guidance and advice to ensure compliance with University and sponsor guidelines, including federal and state regulations during the proposal development and review period, to ensure a successful submission. The Grants team is also responsible for the review, negotiation, and execution of all grant awards, including, but not limited to, foundations, private/profit companies, State, Federal, and Foreign Governments. Contact your departmental JHURA representative with any questions or concerns.

    Ted Fehskens
    Associate Director, Grants

    Gail Cusimano
    Assistant Director, Grants

    Michael Ebelugwu
    Assistant Director, Grants

    Denise Sparks
    Sr. Grants Associate

    Nancy Kerner
    Sr. Grants Associate

    Keya Mayweather
    Grants Associate

    Jordan Dalrymple
    Grants Associate

    Zipporah Gilchrist
    Grants Associate

    Julie Oltmann
    Grants Associate

  • Workflow Team

    The Workflow team works closely with the Grants and Contracts Associates to provide Administrative support for JAWS and Coeus related activities. The Workflow Team is responsible for JAWS Intake and record setup, ensuring compliance with University and sponsor guidelines; submission of award documents to SPH Finance or SPSS for account setup; review and approval of contract proposal records; and award Closeouts.

    Ted Fehskens
    Associate Director

    Tiffaney Cline
    Sr. Sponsored Projects Specialist

    Zachary Tolley
    Sr. Sponsored Projects Specialist

    Brian Line
    Sr. Sponsored Projects Specialist

    Julian Finch
    Sr. Sponsored Projects Specialist



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