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Subrecipient Monitoring

Under the Uniform Guidance and JHU Policy, JHU, as the prime recipient of funds is responsible to our sponsors to ensure that monies spent by our subrecipients meet the criteria detailed in the Uniform Guidance, including that all expenditures must be reasonable, allowable and allocable.

The Uniform Guidance and JHU Policy support JHU in its role as chief steward of sponsored funds. Follow these basic rules to ensure adequate subrecipient monitoring.

  1. Ensure you’ve submitted a subrecipient vs. contractor form either at proposal stage or when entering your Subawards Workflow Information Tracking (SWiFT) system request.
  2. If JHU has never done business with your sub site before (the subrecipient does not appear on the Subrecipient Risk Rating Dashboard, send out the New Subrecipient Questionnaire to your subrecipient and upload the completed form to the SWiFT system.
  3. JHURA will make the final determination as to whether a subrecipient is high or low risk, and will communicate that risk rating to the Controller’s office.
  4. For all new high risk subrecipients under a federal award using a cost reimbursable payment mechanism, JHURA sends out its Welcome Packet.
  5. For all high risk subrecipients, JHURA includes language in the subagreement requiring the sub site to support its invoices with general ledger back up.
  6. On the Controller’s website, you will find JHU policies for department invoice review, the PI certification form, and desk audits. The Controller’s office staff is available for assistance, and may be reached at subrecipient@jhu.edu.
  7. Never pay your subrecipient’s invoice unless you have verifiable confirmation that the work was done accurately and timely, and the PI has signed the Subrecipient Payment and Performance Certification Form. If you are encountering a situation wherein the subrecipient is violating the subaward, including non-performance, immediately contact the JHURA subawards team!


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