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Subawards System Upgrade

SWIFT is now available for new requests. Any in-process records in Checklist will follow that system’s workflow to completion. Checklist will remain available to view legacy records.

How to Request a New Subaward or Modification

  • Requests for new subawards or modification to existing subawards are submitted through the Subawards Workflow Information Tracking (SWiFT) system. Instructions for using SWiFT can be found here. Upon request, we can provide more in-depth training/ in-person training to larger groups.
  • SWiFT is accessible via JHED ID. No special permissions are required.
  • Requests for the addition of a PI to SWiFT system should be sent to Inash Pohkarel (inash@jhu.edu).
  • Requests may take several days, so please plan accordingly.  Please copy Mora Harris (mharr154@jhu.edu) on all requests.

Information Needed to Write the Subaward

Remember! Get your 96IO number and shopping cart early!

When you request a NEW subagreement you must also submit a request to Sponsored Projects Shared Services (SPSS) for creation of a 96 Internal Order (I/O) immediately. For the Bloomberg School of Public Health, the Finance Office submits the 96 I/O request on your behalf utilizing the information provided in the Finance tab of the SWiFT System. All other divisions utilize the WebForm system to submit their 96 I/O requests to SPSS. You will need the 96 I/O to complete your SPPO shopping cart, which you then route to JHURA for final approval. For subagreements under non-sponsored accounts a 96 I/O is not required, a cost center is entered instead. Once JHURA fully executes the subagreement we approve your shopping cart which creates the PO number and encumbers the subagreement funding. Significant subagreement delays often result when a 96 I/O is not requested or when the department does not apply its final approval to the shopping cart.


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