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Data Stewardship

Data Protection

  • Data Use Agreements (DUAs) are contracts with data recipients to impose limitations on the use or disclosure or protected or confidential information
  • In some cases, (ex: covered entity) DUAs may be required
  • In other cases DUAs may be recommended by JHU to ensure certain assurances regarding the data recipient and the data

For more information, read the “All About DUAs” info sheet. You can also find the JHU Data Transfer and Use Agreement (DUA) Template here.

Data Services Unit at JHU

The Data Services unit at the Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries supports your success in finding, using, visualizing, managing, and sharing data. Through consultations and trainings, they help you:

Data Managing and Sharing Plan Preparation

  • Write a data management and sharing plan with expert advice to improve the competitiveness of your grant proposal.
  • Use the DMPTool, a free web-based platform, for developing your data management and sharing plan. Data Services can provide feedback on your plan through the DMPTool as well.

Data Sharing

  • Learn about de-identifying human subject data* to practice ethical research and comply with requirements.
  • Share your data via the JHU Data Archive to increase the impact of your research and meet funder and journal policies around open data.

Please email Data Services at to request assistance. Visit their website to learn more about their services, including the workshop/self-paced training courses they provide.

Human Subjects Research Data

Detailed information regarding data management with respect to human subject research can be found here.

Sponsor Guidance

NIH Data Sharing Guidance 


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