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Coeus 2: Proposal Development Detail: Assembling a Proposal

Eastern - B104 1101 E 33rd Street, B104, Baltimore, MD

This course is for research employees with little or no experience working in Coeus Premium or use of its navigational techniques (and Icons) to create proposals. Following an instructor-led step-by-step process, students complete a basic proposal detail record then, practice those techniques in a second proposal of their own creation. This two-proposal process exposes students […]

Coeus 3: Proposal Development Detail: fixing errors and understanding validations

Eastern - B104 1101 E 33rd Street, B104, Baltimore, MD

This course begins with each student completing a lengthy proposal following steps learned in Coeus 2.  After reviewing student work, their proposal is ‘validated’ and numerous errors corrected.  This ‘edit’ process leads to an examination of: the importance of selecting the correct Proposal Type, presentation of the three databases in Coeus (Proposal Development, Institute Proposal, and Awards), […]


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