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Can I be held personally responsible, acting as a JHU employee, for violations of U.S. export control regulations?

In some instances, yes.  If the U.S. Government believes that a tangible item or information has been exported to another country in violation of U.S. law, then it will investigate to determine how and why the export took place.  If it can be shown that you arranged for an unauthorized shipment of an item to another country, then you may be asked to account for your actions.  If it is then found that the unauthorized export was unintentional, for instance due to an oversight on your part, or insufficient training or screening practices generally at JHU, then JHU will likely be the only party that will be held accountable and may be subject to a warning or some kind of penalty (e.g., a fine).  If, however, it is found that you intentionally shipped an item, knowing that to do so was unauthorized, then you could be incarcerated and/or required to pay criminal fines.


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