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How to report the effort

Faculty and senior staff are required to certify their effort semi-annually. Effort forms are available for certification beginning in January and July, for the 6 month periods ending December 31 and June 30. Semi-monthly non-faculty and non-senior staff that have sponsored support are required to certify their effort quarterly. Effort forms are available for certification beginning in January, April, July and October for the quarters ending December 31, March 31, June 30, and September 30.

The JHU policy requires that faculty certify their own effort using the Effort Reporting System (ERS) except in limited circumstances. With all other employees, effort reports must be certified by the individual employee, or by a responsible supervisory official having firsthand knowledge of all of the activities performed by the employee. Direct supervisors can certify effort on behalf of non-faculty employees who work for them in recognition of the requirement that the person certifying the effort has knowledge of all of the employee’s professional activities.

ERS is the web-based Effort Reporting System that JHU uses to certify effort.

Effort must be entered in Coeus for each investigator under the Effort% Column.

JHU Effort Reporting Policies and Procedures

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