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How can I monitor the status of my subaward?

You can access the Subagreement Checklist System to check the status. Additionally, you will receive update emails from the Subagreement Checklist System, which will reflect the current status of the aaction, both for new subawards and modification of existing subawards.

The Subagreement Checklist System will send you automatic emails at the following times:

  1. when the checklist has been assigned within JHURA to the individual who will draft the action
  2. when the subaward action is sent to the subrecipient for review and partial execution
    (usually same date as “all documents received”)
  3. when JHU receives the partially executed subaward action back from the subrecipient
  4. when the subaward action is fully executed internally within JHURA
  5. when the fully executed Subaward action is sent back to the subrecipient
    (with PO# if new Subaward). The Subagreement Checklist System is available to allow non-JHURA users to see the stage at which the subaward action stands in “read-only” format.


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