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How to distinguish Cost Reimbursement (CR) from Fixed Price (FP) subagreements

In Review

Cost reimbursement (CR) agreements are paid as costs are incurred and invoiced, typically monthly or quarterly

Cost Reimbursement Required Documentation:

  • Scope of Work
  • Budget Justification
  • Federally Negotiated F&A Rate Agreement (unless F&A is de minimus or 0%)
  • Documentation of Fringe Benefits

Budget Includes:

  • PI effort, fringe benefits (rate or directly charged), salary, (Not to exceed salary cap if sponsor is Federal)
  • Direct Costs – line items for each
  • Indirect costs (F&A)
  • Equipment Cost and description (if applicable

Sponsor assumes greater risk

Frequently used by educations institutions, hospitals and non-profits.

Greater flexibility

Fixed Price Required Documentation: Milestone Payment Schedule (includes)

  • Scope of Work
  • Specific deliverables
  • Amount paid for each deliverable
  • Due date for each deliverable
  • *Special approval from federal sponsors

University assume greater risk

Lower administrative burden

Fixed price (FP) agreements have fixed payments based on a milestone payment schedule or the submission of deliverables.


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