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What are the roles and responsibilities of JHURA, faculty and departmental staff, and Sponsored Projects Shared Services?

Each of these functional areas plays an important part in the life cycle of an award. In the pre-award stage, the faculty member has principle responsibility for identifying funding opportunities, with JHURA’s Research Development team providing assistance as to limited submissions. The departmental administrative staff would then work with the faculty member in developing a proposal. Once completed, the departmental staff routes the proposal to JHURA through Coeus for review and approval. When an award is received, JHURA receives, reviews and negotiates (as needed) the award document, and signs on behalf of JHU. Post-award, JHURA routes the fully executed agreement to Sponsored Projects Shared Services (SPSS) for account set-up. During the life of the award, each of JHURA, SPSS and the academic department perform award management functions, such as issuing subawards, invoicing, and submitting required reports to the sponsor, respectively.


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