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What do I do if I have a non-competing continuation (from HHS) that changes the award from a “G” account to a “P” account and an existing subaward needs to be modified?

You will need to submit the modification as a NEW SUBAGREEMENT in the Subagreement Checklist System. The prime award will have a new SAP grant number, and therefore the subaward will need to obtain a new PO number. You also will need to set up a shopping cart to obtain a new 96IO number for the new PO number.

Please note in the “Verify and Submit” field of the Checklist that this is for a G to P, so that this action can be clearly identified as a modification even though the checklist says “new.”

Also, please note in the “Verify and Submit” field if there is approved or restricted carry forward into the new PO, so that this can be noted in the action, and note the amount that you anticipate will be in the shopping cart.


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