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When Export Control Office forms ask us to describe any “technology” or “technical data” that we will be sharing with foreign person, what does that mean?

U.S. export control regulations tell us that certain devices, materials (organic or inorganic) and software cannot be sent to certain other countries without a license.  They also tell us that we should not share technical information about those items with citizens of certain countries when they are working or studying with us in the U.S.  The kind of technical information that the regulations are referring to is that which a person could reasonably use to develop, produce or understand (very intimately) the devices, materials or software that are identified as being controlled.  Such information is referred to as “technology” in the Dept. of Commerce’s Export Administration Regulations (the “EAR”) and as “technical data” in the Dept. of State’s International Traffic in Arms Regulations (the “ITAR”).  We ask JHU personnel to disclose any technology or technical data that they believe they will need to share with foreign persons at JHU so that the Export Control Office might identify any such information that cannot be shared with a particular foreign person without a license.


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