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Writing and Negotiating a Subaward

It is the JHURA Subawards Team’s responsibility to ensure that the subaward  sent to the subrecipient includes all required terms (including those from our prime award), conditions, regulations, appropriate statement of work and budget or milestone payment schedule. Please remember we expect that the information/data/uploads to the checklist are correct and have been approved by the relevant PI. JHURA uses carefully drafted templates developed by our team and approved by the JHU General Counsel. For subawards under NIH and other FDP Federal Agencies, we use forms developed by the Federal Demonstration Project, FDP.

If the subrecipient comes back with requested changes, we will run them by the department and the PI and conduct the negotiations with the subrecipient. Here is a list to the most common issues that arise during the negotiation process.

Wondering what goes into a Subagreement? Here is a diagram showing the various elements of a subagreement.


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