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Getting Started with Researcher Profiles

Brown Bag: Getting Started with Researcher Profiles

ORCID iDs are free, unique researcher identifiers that can be connected to systems like SciENcv, the profile system for research investments from federal agencies. ORCID iD users can automate the process of gathering accurate information about their own funding, publications, and more, all in one place. ORCID iD users set permissions for how funders, publishers and other parties read and write into their ORCID record. Many federal agencies, particularly the NIH and NSF, require applicants to connect their ORCID iD to their SciENcv biosketch materials.

In this presentation you will learn to:

  • Set up your unique ORCID iD using the Johns Hopkins ORCID Registry.
  • Connect your iD with systems that populate your record, such as Crossref.
  • Connect your iD with SciENcv to create biosketches for federal agencies

This Brown Bag was recorded on 10/11/2023. Watch the Brown Bag here.

Nancy Shin, B.Sc., MLIS, AHIP, Scholarly Communications Librarian, Welch Medical Library
Jacob White, Informationist, Informationist Services, Welch Medical Library


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