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JHU Questionnaire for Non JHU Personnel

In March of 2022 JHU announced the new Coeus forms that ensure our compliance with federal regulations. The changes reflect new requirements described in the May 25th communication from Vice Provost Denis Wirtz.

Links to the updated forms are below. You can also find them on the Proposal Review and Submission page.

A few notes:

Published: June 15, 2022

Previous related announcements are posted below in chronological order. 

Previous Related Announcements

Published: March 9, 2020

The new Coeus forms ensure JHU’s compliance with federal regulations.

A few notes about the new forms:

    • The Personnel Certification is for JHU Personnel only.
      • These certifications are for internal use only and are not to be sent to non-JHU entities
      • For non-JHU entities, please use the standard Letter of Intent (LOI)/consortium letter signed by the other institution’s authorized¬†official.
      • For organizations participating in the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse online system, please the LOI here.
      • For organizations that are not participating in the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse online system, please use the LOI here.

We rely on the other institution to perform their due diligence just as we perform ours, and this letter signifies this. Additionally, Coeus will no longer ask you to complete these questions for non-JHU key personnel.

Some additional clarification on the forms:

  • The Personnel Certification should be signed by the JHU PI, any JHU Co-I, and any JHU Key Personnel
  • All other Coeus Questionnaires must be signed by the JHU PI
  • Signatures may not be delegated

These forms are available in your Coeus record and on the Proposal Development-Documents and Forms page.

Published: December 22, 2020

The compliance questionnaire has been updated and is available in Coeus and on the JHURA website.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The order of several questions has changed.
  • Child questions (questions related to previous questions) are now shaded for easier identification. *

Compliance Questionnaire on the JHURA Website:

  • This form has a static creation date; this does not mean it is outdated.
  • This link will be updated if there are changes to the form, so you should always download the form from the site.

Compliance Questionnaire in Coeus

  • The date on this questionnaire will automatically populate with the actual date of creation.
  • This form will prompt users to skip irrelevant questions.

You can find the updated compliance questionnaire, compliance questionnaire with explanations, and investigator certification questionnaire.

  • Compliance Questionnaire (To be signed by the Principal Investigator)
  • Investigator Certification (FCOI) Questionnaire (To be signed by all Key Personnel)
  • Compliance Questionnaire with Explanations

*Child questions may or may not need to be answered depending on the answer to the parent question. Typically, a “yes” answer will lead to the necessity of answering the child questions to provide more details.


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