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NIH FAQs – JHU Specific

  • A colleague at another institution sends me data with a request for my analysis. This work is not directly in furtherance of any of my grants, but is in my area of study. Should I include this data analysis activity in my Other Support disclosure?

    Yes. When you receive data from an external collaborator, that activity is deemed to be in furtherance of your research endeavors and should be disclosed as Other Support. JHU data should only be shared with external collaborators under a data use agreement that is executed by an authorized official in ORA or JHURA.

  • Are employment contracts for fellows or students working in my lab required to be submitted with my Other Support disclosure?

    Read more here.

  • I am a new JHU faculty member and received start-up support when I joined the university. Should I report this as Other Support?

    No. Financial support from JHU—including JHU start-up packages and grants from non-NIH sources that flow through JHU—does not need to be reported as Other Support.

  • I am the PI on a NIH grant to a domestic university. I have a visiting post-doctoral fellow in my lab, who works on my NIH grant and does all of his/her work in the United States. The fellow’s salary is paid by a foreign government. Is this a foreign component?

    In general, no. The first step in determining whether research constitutes a foreign component is to evaluate whether a portion of the research is being conducted outside of the United States. In this case, all of the work is being conducted in the US, so there is no foreign component. The foreign support provided in the form of the fellow’s salary support should, however, be listed as part of your Other Support.

  • I gave a lecture at a foreign academic institution and received a small honorarium and travel expenses in exchange. Should I report this as Other Support?

    Yes. All support received for academic and research activities, whether monetary or in-kind compensation, should be disclosed as Other Support. This includes honorariums and funding for travel expenses.

  • I occasionally consult for industry. Should this activity be disclosed as Other Support?

    No. Non-research activities such as consulting for industry or serving as an expert witness in litigation do not need to be disclosed as Other Support, including non-research outside activities for foreign-based corporations. Those activities must, however, be disclosed to the university (through eDisclose) for conflict-of-interest and conflict-of-commitment review.

  • I regularly speak and email with colleagues at other academic institutions, including foreign institutions. We discuss scientific issues of interest to us, and we often co-author papers together. These activities are not in furtherance of an NIH grant. Should I include these informal collaborations as Other Support?

    Yes. When informal collaborations rise to the level of co-authorship on academic papers, you should disclose that activity as Other Support. You can list this activity as “informal collaborative activity with__,” listing the names of your collaborators.

  • In my school faculty have a 9-month appointment. If I spend two months at a University outside of the United States during the summer conducting research under a foreign award, what approvals do I need and what do I have to report? Does this count as Other Support?

    Yes. Available resources in support of and/or related to an investigator’s research endeavors should be disclosed even if they relate to work that is performed outside of a researcher’s appointment period. Before you accept an appointment to work at a foreign institution, even during the summer months, you must obtain approval from your Dean’s office following the process for your school.

  • What is an example of an activity that is not a foreign component, but would meet the definition of Other Support? What is the difference?

    This response is dependent upon specific details that surrounding the activity. One common example identified by the NIH involves a PI on an NIH grant who also has an appointment and a lab at a foreign university. The research being done at the foreign lab is unrelated to the PI’s NIH project. This would not qualify as a foreign component of the NIH research, as the foreign work is not part of the NIH-funded project. However, it is a resource made available to the researcher in support of their research. Therefore, the foreign appointment should be listed on the Biosketch and the lab resources must be reported as Other Support. Personal payments to the PI (in the form of honoraria or travel reimbursement from the foreign institution) should be reported as an outside financial interest through eDisclose, and the PI must report the foreign appointment and receive approval through the PI’s Dean’s office. See the links on this site to find your school’s process.

  • What types of foreign contracts are applicants and recipients required to submit with Other Support?

    Read more here.


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