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Export Control and Facility Security

Resources to Help You Stay Compliant

Please find below resources designed to familiarize you with the policies, regulations and practices associated with export control, sanction program and facility security compliance at JHU.

JHU Policies that Guide Our Compliance Practices

We rely upon guiding statements from senior management to inform the choices that we make in our research and how we ensure that it is compliant.  View the University’s policy on restricted research for more information.

Export Control Fundamentals

Did you know that the U.S. Government considers sharing technical know-how with a foreign person in the United States to be an “export?”  Did you know that simply attending a conference and giving a talk (even for free) in certain sanctioned/embargoed countries could be a violation of U.S. law/regulations?  Learn the fundamentals of Export Controls to make certain that you have a firm grasp of what the export control regulations cover and what you might need to do (or not do) to comply with them.  

Will Your Project Require a License?

Some component of your research project or other work may require a license or other authorization, depending upon subject matter and its anticipated use, as well as the countries and parties involved.  Be sure to navigate through the Export Control screening checklist to learn if some component of your work might have to be authorized by one or more Federal agencies.   

International Shipping

International shipments are the most familiar type of exports entered into by JHU employees, and involve myriad forms and logistics that can be difficult to master without proper guidance and practice.   Our international shipping page provides resources that can help you import and export work-related items more compliantly and efficiently.  

International Travel

If you travel to other countries for work, do you know if you are taking any information (documents or electronic files) or tangible items that cannot go to your countries of destination without a license?  Did you know that simply traveling to certain sanctioned countries to give a talk at a conference could be a violation of a U.S. sanctions program?  To access resources that can help you determine whether your international travel is lawful, please visit our international travel page.  

Visa Application Export Control Screening

The U.S. Government wants to know if we expect to share information with our foreign employees and students that is subject to restrictions under the export control regulations.  Our visa application screening page provides greater information as to the factors involved in such situations.

Export Controls in the News

On a daily basis we discover news about organizations (including universities) that have been fined for export control/sanction program violations and other noteworthy (and less negative) events that help us better understand how we can comply with the myriad requirements governing our actions.


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