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Export Control Screening Checklist

Are Any Components of Your Project Restricted?

When trying to determine whether a particular activity at JHU may require compliance with one or more bodies of export control or sanction program regulation, screening is performed in five general areas:

  1. Subject Matter
  2. Countries
  3. People and Entities
  4. Expected Use of Exports
  5. Exceptions/Exemptions.

A “hit” in one or a combination of these factors can result in a conclusion that a license or other type of authorization will be needed for you to pursue your research or other objectives.

Use the information below to determine how these factors may affect your ability pursue your objective.

Subject Matter

Knowing the items that are controlled by Export Controls is important to know before collaborating with foreign persons in U.S., as well as for international shipping  and international travel.


Activities involving certain countries are generally more susceptible to requiring export and sanction compliance.

People and Entities

Certain additional requirements regarding visa applications may be required depending on the activities and the countries where they are being performed.

Anticipated Use of Exports

Coming soon.


Coming soon.

Looks Like We Will Need a License – What Then?

When an interested party learns that they will need a license, it is important to take note of multiple considerations 


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