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Export Controls and Economic Sanctions

JHU’s Export Control & Facility Security Office

JHU’s Export Control & Facility Security Office (“ECO”) develops, implements, monitors and documents practices that promote compliance with one or more bodies of U.S. export control and economic sanctions program regulations.  Such practices generally involve screening subject matter and its potential end-uses, countries represented, and personnel associated with JHU’s educational, research and clinical/technical service activities.  ECO assists with the procurement of licenses, or with the structuring of such activities, in order to ensure that they are authorized by U.S. law/regulation.  ECO also promotes informed, collaborative compliance within the JHU community.

  • Office Contacts

    Frank Barker
    Director, Export Control & Facility Security
    443-997-1073 (Land)

    Elizabeth Kane 
    Export Control Officer
    443-997-1073 (Land)

Do Export Control or Economic Sanctions Regulations Apply to Your Activities?

This would typically depend upon the subject-matter focus of your activity, the persons with whom you are exchanging such subject matter, the countries that such persons are from or in, and/or what such persons are expected to do with the things or information that you share with them.  ECO recommends that you visit its Resource Portal to learn more about export controls and economic sanctions.  You can also look to the right of this screen for Links and FAQs that may be of immediate interest to you.


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