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How to determine On v. Off Campus projects

In order for a project to be considered off campus, all three of the following qualifications must be met:

  1. The PI will be away from his or her campus facilities (i.e. office and laboratory) for a minimum of three consecutive months; and
  2. The on campus facilities will be made available for use by other faculty and/or students during the employee’s absence; and
  3. The PI will be performing work in accordance with the statement of work of the proposed and funded project while at the off campus location.

These qualifications are a fiscal determination based upon space utilization and it is not simply a definition of where some of the project work is being performed.  If one University employee meets the above standards but the entire project does not, it may be acceptable to split the budget into on and off campus accounts. Contact ORA for a determination.

Off campus rates can only be used relative to the University’s effort expended on a project. Performance of work on project by non-university personnel are handled via a subcontract to another institution, which takes on campus F&A for the first $25,000, or a consulting agreement, which takes full F&A for the entire amount.


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