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How to find the risk rating

Check the FRC Subrecipient Dashboard for a risk rating — the subrecipient may have received a vendor number previously doing business with JHU, but may not have received a subaward and risk rating. (To obtain access to the Dashboard please contact FQCHelp@jhu.edu )

To check the FRC Risk Rating:

  1. Navigate to this page
  2. Click on “Finance Research Compliance Risk Rating Sheet”
  3. Click on “Launch Applications”
  4. Choose “Dashboards” from the dropdown menu
  5. Click on “Subrecipient Dashboards”

If the subrecipient is not listed:

  1. Ask the subrecipient to complete the subrecipient profile questionnaire  — The questionnaire will determine whether or not a subrecipient needs to submit recent audit reports
  2. Upload completed form to SWiFT with additional documentation as required by the form


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