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JHURA review of funded/non-funded agreements

How to initiate JHURA review of funded/non-funded agreements

To initiate JHURA review, submit the agreement via JAWS.

In order to submit a funded agreement or amendment to JAWS, you need an associated COEUS Institute Proposal Number. JAWS Intake Forms cannot be submitted and SAP account set-ups will not begin without the IPN.

Non-funded agreements (agreements where there is no money involved, such as Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), Data Use Agreements (DUAs), Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs), etc.) do not require a COEUS record.

Funded agreements include any agreement providing funds to JHU for sponsored activity – whether it be faculty research or research-related services, accompanied by various terms or conditions of the sponsor.

JAWS records should not be initiated via email but via the JAWS Intake page.


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