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Status Meanings in SWiFT

How to understand status meanings in SWiFT
  • Draft – Unit is entering information. JHURA can go into the record and see drafts, but JHURA cannot make edits and it does not show up in the JHURA queue.
  • Submitted for Processing – Record shows in the JHURA queue, JHURA is conducting triage, but has not been assigned to a JHURA subawards team member.
  • Review in Progress – A team member has been assigned to the record. Unit receives an email alert.
  • All Docs Received – Subawards team member has no more questions or need for further documentation from the unit. This date is usually assigned around the same time the subagreement is ready to send to the subrecipient.
  • Sent to Subrecipient – The date that JHURA emails the subagreement to the subrecipient, department requestor, and PI.
  • PEA Received – The date JHURA receives the subagreement signed by the subrecipient. This subagreement is considered partially executed.
  • FEA Completed – The date a Subawards team member signs the subagreement. This subagreement still needs to go through the shopping cart approval process and other internal checks.
  • FEA Sent to Subrecipient – Once the shopping cart has been approved and all internal checks have been completed, JHURA will send the fully executed award (FEA) to the subrecipient, the sub’s PI, JHU’s PI, and the requestor.
  • ON HOLD – This status may be used at anytime during the process and for various reasons including, but not limited to – Unit request and No shopping cart.
  • Returned for Edit (RA) – The record has been returned to the department by JHURA to make appropriate edits.
  • Withdrawn – The record was determined to be unrequired or duplicative. JHURA or the department has withdrawn the record.
  • Subaward Complete – Subagreement or mod has been fully executed and the record is complete.

*SPH Finance has the ability to route the record. You may receive duplicate status updated from SPH Finance and JHURA.


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