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Subrecipient Determinations

Brown Bag: Subrecipient Determinations

Being able to distinguish between a subrecipient, contractor, and a consultant is not always easy, and misclassifying them can cause budgeting and compliance issues.

In this Brown Bag, Mary Louise Healy, Assistant Dean of Research Administration in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, and Jessica Atlass Roscoe, SOM Office of Research Administration Sr. Operations Manager, will discuss the differences between subrecipients, contractors, and consultants.

Additionally, you will learn the importance of making the correct determination as early as possible in the proposal stage and how to communicate the differences in project roles, as well as the implications of each to faculty when budgeting for a research project.

This Brown Bag was recorded on 4/13/2022. Watch the Brown Bag here.

Mary Louise Healy, MS, CRA, Assistant Dean, Research Administration, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences
Jessica Atlass Roscoe, MPH, CRA, CPRA, Senior Operations Manager, Office of Research Administration, School of Medicine


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