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Integrated JAWS Intake Form

The new JAWS Intake Form is live!

Previously, the JAWS Intake process relied on the intake form located on the JHURA website. Now, department users will be able to complete the Intake Form directly in JAWS.

A recording of the demonstration is available here, and the FAQs along with the updated intake form guide can be found on this page.

Published: July 21,2021

Previous related announcements are posted below in chronological order. 

Previous Related Announcements

Published: October 14, 2020
The JAWS Intake Form Guide has been updated and posted to the JHURA Intake Form website. The guide has been updated to provide more information on selecting an Agreement Type, and a complete start-to-finish explanation of each field on the form.


Department submission of the JAWS Intake Form is required for all awards/agreements for JHURA review and signature as needed. Upon submission of the form, JHURA will create a JAWS record and begin the review process. Federal Grant Notices of Award received directly from the US Government in JHURA via e-awards do not need added department action via JAWS.

You can check the status of your agreement at any time by logging into JAWS. To apply for a JAWS account, please complete this form if you are a department user; faculty are automatically granted access to JAWS upon the creation of their first JAWS record and can log in to the system using their JHED credentials.

An approved Coeus Institute Proposal record will be required in order to create a JAWS record for a related funded agreement. JAWS Intake Forms for funded agreements that are submitted without an approved Coeus Institute Proposal Number (IPN) will be rejected. JAWS Intake Forms will not be submitted and SAP account set-ups will not begin without the IPN. Following this process will allow JHURA to verify that all required compliance checks have been completed, including those of divisional business offices (Facilities & Administrative (F&A) recovery, cost-share approvals, etc. ) and central JHU institutional policies (Conflict of Interest (COI) disclosures, PI effort, Subrecipient notices, IRB notices, etc.) per federal requirements.

The Coeus IPN JAWS requirement does not apply to unfunded agreements (agreements where there is no money involved, such as Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), Data Use Agreements (DUAs), Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs), etc.) Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the Minimum Requirements for Proposal Development Record in Coeus and JHURA’s Proposal Review and Submission Policy


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