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JHU Faculty Guidance for COVID-19

Please take a few minutes to read the notice below:

Many SPH and SOM faculty are receiving COVID-19 data for the purpose of providing direct guidance to public health officials around the country. In order to facilitate review and execution of the contracts that often accompany the data (“Data Use Agreements” or “DUAs”), we provide the following guidance:

1. Faculty, staff, post-docs, trainees, and students are not authorized to sign Data Use Agreements themselves. If a data provider sends you a Data Use Agreement to sign, please send it immediately to your research administration office for review, negotiation if necessary, and signature.

2. To the extent possible, please work with your team, center, and department to have one point of contact for JHURA/ORA with respect to COVID-19 Data Use Agreements. Your JHURA and ORA contacts for COVID-19 DUAs are:

Marcy DeSantis
Assistant Director, JHURA

Tom Burns
Assistant Dean, SOM

3. Be advised that, while we will do everything we can to quickly execute COVID-19 DUA’s, there are some terms in Data Use Agreements that are highly problematic for JHU, even in this emergency environment. We can more quickly execute Data Use Agreements when data providers agree to forego these terms. The most common of these problematic terms are:

  1. Terms that require the data provider approve any report or publication that comes out of JHU’s use of the data.
  2. Terms that give the data provider ownership of the reports or publications or other intellectual property that come out of JHU’s use of the data.
  3. Terms that allow the data provider to use the JHU name for promotional purposes.
  4. For SPH, terms that require JHU to enter into a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (“BAA”).

We have prepared a simple DUA that does not include these problematic terms that you can give to data providers. Please contact your research administration office if you would like a copy of the DUA template. Additionally, when you send this “JHU COVID-19 DUA” to providers, please tell them that the use of this DUA will greatly facilitate your ability to access the data as soon as possible.

Failure of a data provider to either accept the JHU COVID-19 DUA (or negotiate on any problematic terms identified above that may be in their template (DUA) will materially and negatively impact your ability to provide guidance and advice to public health officials. 

Published: April 9, 2020


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