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JHU Guidance on Clinical Effort

1. NIH has approved the re-deployment of faculty and staff, including trainees supported by T32 grants and faculty supported by K awards, to COVID-19 related clinical service. No prior approval is required.

2. Clinical revenue from the work done by faculty may be used as voluntary cost sharing to support salaries under the NIH funded project. JHU may continue to charge salaries to the grant in accordance with our institutional policies. For JHU’s institutional policy responsive to NIH’s guidance, please see theĀ JHU Research Response site.

3. Although no prior approval is required, individuals and awards funding the re-deployment will need to be carefully tracked and reported to the NIH. Both the SOM ORA and JHURA are working with the JHU Financial Research Compliance office and our colleagues at our respective business offices to determine the best format and procedures to account for these changes and will supplement this message with additional guidance soon.

4. As the research community’s response to the COVID-19 emergency is rapidly changing, we will continue to update you on additional guidance that we receive from the NIH and other sponsors.

Please continue to stay safe. We will provide relevant information to you as it becomes available. Please reach out to your grants associate if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Published: April 9, 2020


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