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Preparing a Proposal

If you have a program announcement/RFP/BAA, you must upload it as an attachment into the Coeus record. We require a copy to be kept on file in the event the link deactivates for audit purposes. JHURA will review the announcement to determine all required components of a proposal, all of which must be uploaded into the Coeus record. Where there are no sponsor guidelines, JHURA requires all of the following at least3 days prior to the due date:

1. Budget – minimum of direct and indirect amount fields completed

  •   Coeus Budget is not required unless it is a system‐to‐system submission
  •   Uploaded Excel spreadsheet is required when budget was not entered directly in Coeus

2. Budget Justification

  •   Include documentation of sponsor F&A rate if other than our NICRA rate (published sponsor policyor email from a Grants Officer)
  •   Cost share documentation, if applicable
  1. Scope of Work/Narrative/Project Summary
  2. Coeus Compliance Questionnaire signed by PI, either electronically or on paper and uploaded (oneper record)
  3. Certification questions must be completed by everyone listed on investigator tab and keypersonnel tab. Highly recommend investigators complete electronically. Otherwise, eachinvestigator must answer the 5 certification questions and sign, and each form uploaded.
  4. FCOI forms (if applicable)
  5. Subaward information (Subrecipient Determination Form, budget, budget justification andstatement of work) if subrecipient(s) are listed on the budget.
  6. Any forms requiring signatures. If there are contract terms included, JHURA will review all theterms and may need to include an exception letter with the proposal.


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