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NSF programs to stop accepting proposals via FastLane website

The FastLane website (fastlane.nsf.gov) is scheduled to be removed as a submission option for NSF funding opportunities in January 2023. Some programs in NSF’s Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences Directorate have already stopped accepting proposals through FastLane, and others will stop accepting them over the remainder of 2022.

The transition from the FastLane website to Research.gov and Grants.gov is part of NSF’s ongoing information technology modernization efforts. Since NSF’s update on Research.gov implementation in September 2020, NSF has been gradually removing FastLane as a submission option in program solicitations and descriptions.

Please consult the tables in this document (PDF) for additional information about the transition to Research.gov, including dates throughout the summer and fall when some programs will stop accepting proposals through FastLane. You can also check program web pages for information about which submission methods are accepted by each program and contact the program officers listed on those pages or email rgov@nsf.gov with any questions.

For tutorials and guidance on how to use Research.gov please visit the Research.gov proposal preparation and submission resources site.

Published: September 2, 2022


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