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Proposal Review and Submission

Johns Hopkins University Research Administration (JHURA) is the central administrative office responsible for submitting proposals and accepting awards on behalf of Johns Hopkins University for all divisions with the exception of the School of Medicine (SOM).  SOM has their own Office of Research Administration.

JHURA’s goal is to consistently provide exceptional quality support to the campus communities we serve. To ensure the smooth and timely processing of proposals, we interact closely with both faculty and department administration.

What to know about the JHURA proposal approval process:

  • All proposals must be routed and submitted to JHURA via Coeus.
  • The Coeus record should be created as early in the process as possible and should be in a complete and final state prior to being released to JHURA.
  • Proposal approval is demonstrated by the following in this order:
    • 1.  JHURA’s approval of the Coeus record.
    • 2. JHURA’s submission of the application to the sponsor’s electronic application system (Assist, Fastlane, or Grants.gov).
  • JHURA requests a minimum of three business days to complete review and submission. The JHURA Proposal Review Services rule aids in mitigating issues during submission and sponsor review.
  • Please submit any proposal document that needs JHURA signature with your Coeus record . Examples of these documents may include certifications, representations, letters of intent, proposal cover pages, and budget forms. These will vary depending on the sponsor’s requirements.
  • Each department has internal policies on proposal deadlines and approvals before arriving at JHURA. Check with your department administrator for more information.
  • This applies to all proposals for sponsored research, both federal and private sponsors.

What to know about the proposal submittal process to the sponsor:

  • JHURA submits all electronic proposals for the divisions that we serve. *
  • Sponsored project proposals and awards may only be authorized for submission and acceptance by the appropriate JHURA signatory.
  • This applies to all proposals for sponsored research, both federal and private sponsors.
  • *JHURA understands that certain sponsors only allow for the Principal Investigator (PI) to submit the proposal. In these circumstances, the department is still responsible for following the JHURA Proposal Review Services rule and for submitting the proposal through Coeus for review and approval by JHURA before a PI submits to a sponsor.

When to contact JHURA:

  • You need to submit a proposal in less than three days. If you are aware of this situation, please provide JHURA with as much advance notice as possible.
  • You are not able to complete the Coeus record before releasing the proposal to JHURA. If you know something, say something!


University policy and federal regulations require that the Principal Investigator (PI) and all other Key Persons certify certain statements in every proposal, including sources of other support, the existence of foreign components, and potential conflicts of interest.

To get started on creating your proposal, click here.



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