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What Does the JHURA Subawards Team Do?

  1. Retrieve your checklist from our online checklist request system and evaluate to ensure all required information is included and all necessary documents are uploaded.
  2. Based on the checklist, analyze: Mod or New; high risk or low risk; domestic or foreign; Sponsor requirements; appropriate and applicable laws and policies.
  3. Screen Sub site, its key personnel, and banking information for debarment and export restrictions.
  4. Write the Subagreement, have it approved, and then send out to Subrecipient.
  5. Respond to all calls/emails on assigned checklists regularly.
  6. Negotiate with Subrecipient, abd send out follow ups to site at 2 and 4 weeks if we don’t receive feedback.
  7. Finalize Subaward, get signatures, and update checklist database.
  8. For Mod—Update PO on new line; For New: Approve shopping cart, get PO, and send out fully executed sub to site with PO.
  9. Send out and track Welcome Packet.
  10. Enter data into the FSRS system if required under FFATA.
  11. Scan all required docs into Oculus—the system of record.

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